We operate a Learn to Swim Program and a Swim School Program focusing on stroke development.
Safety, Skills and Fun form the basis of programming for all levels in our program.
All children from Level 2 and higher (approx 2years of age) are able to regularly learn the basics of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Dives. 

Event Weeks
Several times during the year we offer event weeks. These are often guided by the children's requests, school holidays, feedback and programming for safety.
Children in all levels participate in these events and many of them are now incorporated into our Swim Safer Weeks of swimming.
Some of these events include:

  • Swim Safer Week. This incorporates rescues, floating, accidental fall in's, safe entry and exit, memory recall
  • Pirate and Princess week (leadership and consolidation)
  • Macca's Mini Meet (goal setting)
  • Seaweed swimming (familiarisation with different aquatic environments)
  • Treasure Island

Learn to swim

Our focus for these groups is on propulsion, independence, early skill development, water safety and having fun with friends.

Levels of swimming

  1. Infant 1 :: Familiarization and Parent guidance
  2. Infant 2 :: Extending skills and independence
  3. Transition :: Independence
  4. Level 2 :: Independence and propulsion
  5. Level 3 :: Early skill development and consolidation
  6. Level 4 ::Introducing freestyle breathing




School age swimming

Our focus is on efficient stroke development, confidence, strong propulsion, water safety and developing a willingness to swim through fun.Throughout the different levels of swimming, children are introduced to tumble turns, starts and finishes required for racing.
  • Adv 4 :: Introducing Bi-lateral breathing and increasing distance
  • 1 Stroke :: Consolidated freestyle improving backstroke
  • 2 Stroke  :: Consolidated freestyle, backstroke, improving breaststroke
  • 3 Stroke :: Consolidated freestyle, backstroke,breaststroke, improving Butterfly
  • Squad :: Preparing for swimming at Squad level in a 25m or 50m pool.


Tuesday      12-1pm
Wednesday 12-1pm
Cost: $4.00
No booking required


$45 for 30 minute lessons
Booked on a casual basis
Available for infants to adults

A group doing water aerobics.

A group doing water aerobics.


All of our staff have extensive experience with swimming and teaching.It is a requirement for all staff to have their Blue Card, CPR, and Accreditation with Swim Australia or Austswim.

In addition to this some of our staff have extra swim teaching awards including infants; First Aid, Coaching, Teaching Degrees, Certificate 4.

All of our staff must also undertake comprehensive training in our methods of teaching.